Cherrideth Elliott – Owner/Operator

Cherri began her fitness journey with Amanda Stone about 6 years ago when she joined Curves and surprised herself to learn just how much she loved working out. The self-competition of the constant push to add one more rep, a little more weight, a longer endurance was captivating. The immense satisfaction that came with reaching new goals was invigorating.
Curves, (later LiveFit) became so much a part of her life, it felt like a second home. The bonus benefit was meeting and bonding with so many wonderful people throughout her journey. People that she never would have met without the shared love of fitness.
When the day came that Amanda told Cherri that she was closing LiveFit, Cherri was heartbroken, having no words. She went home and reflected “How could this little gem close? How would she live without this vital part of her life?” Following many long discussion with her husband, Jim, she approached Amanda… and surprised even herself by buying the gym!!!
Cherri says she has a lot to learn and systematize between juggling her full-time job, her family and now her treasured gym family.
She’s grateful for her amazing support system, helping her in every aspect of the business and she’s both excited and nervous for this new adventure.
Thanks to the encouragement of the wonderful community that she lives and works in, Cherri is confident that LiveFit will continue to grow and thrive. She invites you to share the journey to well-being with the gym family and make new friends along the way.

Amanda – Personal Trainer

Amanda has lived in Bancroft for most of her life. As a result, she is very passionate about facilitating the advancement of healthier living within her community; through fitness, nutrition and education. She aspires to help as many people discover the benefits of a healthy & active lifestyle, a positive self-image and to empower them to be their very best!
She loves weightlifting, creating healthy dishes, learning all about things health and wellness, spending time with her family & dog and is currently trying to re-vamp her love of running.
Amanda is a Level One Cross Fit Trainer with almost 10 years experience in coaching, teaching a variety of fitness classes and providing personal training for her clients. Her goal is to provide a positive, encouraging and motivating environment for clients while utilizing a variety of fitness styles and practices. She brings a lot of knowledge to the table and her no nonsense and simple approaches to making healthy lifestyle changes is a breath of fresh air in today’s world of trendy foods and diets.
She will be the first to tell you that her love for fitness did not come naturally, but it is now such an integral part of her life that she can’t imagine going back.
“Fitness has completely transformed my entire life, body, mind, attitude and personality. My own transformation is an ongoing journey, as it should be – we are always learning and changing what we can. It took everything I had to take that first step towards a healthy, active lifestyle but every single day I am so grateful that I did. After all, there are no limits except the ones you set for yourself!”

Jenny – Personal Trainer

My passion for fitness began in high school where i discovered endurance sports like track, cross country running and skiing. After high school I went to Fleming College and graduated with my diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion. I became certified with CanFitPro as a Personal Training Specialist (PTS) in 2012.
I love working with women to help empower them in whatever goals they may have. I live northeast of Bancroft with my husband, son and 2 dogs, where we enjoy the outdoors as much as possible!